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October 8, 2019 by Sheree and Joey Phillips 0 comments

The Facets of Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn't always look like a hug in a courtroom after a conviction. (But sometimes it does.) ...Keep Reading

Tags: forigiveness, gospel-centered counseling, wisdom, obedience, grief

August 6, 2012 0 comments

Kristin's Story

It's not enough to read about "speaking the truth in love." Kristin's story shows us what speaking gospel truth to one another can look like in a real person's real life circumstances....Keep Reading

Posted in: Musings of a Pastor's Wife Tags: community groups, Faith Rising, Fellowship, forigiveness, gospel, Lake Nona Church, Lake Nona Churches, Sheree Phillips, vision

March 1, 2012 0 comments

Our Faith Sanctifies Our (Even Insignificant) Work

A couple of years ago my son, Jesse, preached a message on the importance of seeing the place into which God has put us as a divine calling. The text was 1 Corinthians 7:17: "Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches."...Keep Reading

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February 8, 2012 by Taraleigh Davis 3 comments

Welcome to Redeemer Church

At one of our pre-launch Sunday night meetings in December we were singing a familiar song and floods of memories came over me remembering nights when I had sung that same song flat on my face in a puddle of tears and sorrow. ...Keep Reading

Posted in: Member Testimony Tags: About Us, church life, evangelism, Fellowship, gospel, forigiveness, Lake Nona Church, New Beginnings, Redeemer Church

January 31, 2012 1 comments

The Gift of Biblical Fellowship

"The gospel, applied to our hearts every day, frees us to be brutally honest with ourselves and with God. The assurance of His total forgiveness of our sins through the blood of Christ means we don't have to play defensive games anymore. We don't have to rationalize and excuse our sins. We can say we told a lie instead of saying we exaggerated a bit. We can admit an unforgiving spirit instead of continuing to blame our parents for our emotional distress. We can call sin exactly what it is, regardless of how ugly and shameful it may be, because we know that Jesus bore that sin in His body on the cross. With the assurance of total forgiveness through Christ, we have no reason to hide from our sins anymore."...Keep Reading

Posted in: Musings of a Pastor's Wife Tags: gospel, Redeemer Church, Benny Phillips, Fellowship, ministry, moss park, community groups, forigiveness, church life, humility, grace

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