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November 13, 2014 1 comments

Wanting a Better Past

Often the moments I hear heart-wrenching comments like this are while sitting on the couch in my living room sharing a glass of sweet tea with women from my church. Like me, they’re dealing with the often-weighty consequences of sins by or against them: pain that runs deep like a knife being slowly twisted through the heart. It’s not always there. But when it’s triggered by something as simple as an overheard comment or as disorienting as a dream about “what happened” the knife pinches and turns….again and again. Finally they feel safe enough to tell someone. These moments are what one man calls having someone share their finest china with me. I don’t want to carelessly handle and potentially break something so valuable; so fragile....Keep Reading

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September 23, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 1 comments

The Coming Light

Constant friend, my soul's own darkness, constant still, my soul's repose In the alley of soul's shadow, lurks a monster of my own Chained by sinful thoughts immoral, chained by sinful deeds done bold Soul and spirit war between me, making war, my corpse gone cold...Keep Reading

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September 2, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 0 comments

Mercy's Slave

A twisted seed writhing forth, converging in the soil Bringing darkness, birthing fear, mindless in its toil Distorts the call of shameless grace, rejects the call of hope It cannot see the barren soul from which its blackness sloped...Keep Reading

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April 21, 2013 by Jesse Phillips 0 comments

Debbie's Testimony

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June 26, 2012 by Taraleigh Davis 0 comments

Hope's Garden

One of our members, Liz, is battling cancer and a sweet friend of ours, Rose, made a beautiful quilt to raise funds to help with expenses. Here is Rose's explanation of why she had this idea. ...Keep Reading

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March 20, 2012 0 comments

When Prayer Isn't Answerered...My Way (Part Two)

(This is Part Two of this story. Please see yesterday's post for Part One.) The day my Uncle Rocky died I was heartbroken, but I knew I had to tell Josh and Jaime. I still remember feeling perplexed and disappointed. I didn't remember ever believing so strongly that God would heal. I had so wanted them to witness a real miracle......Keep Reading

Posted in: Musings of a Pastor's Wife Tags: Prayer, Faith Rising, healing, miracle, testimony, Sheree Phillips

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