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May 14, 2015 by Bob Putman 0 comments

Identity Trumps Motherhood: Sermon Recap

Bob Putman reviews Benny's sermon from this past Sunday about motherhood and identity. How God sees us is infinitely more important than how anyone else sees us, including ourselves. ...Keep Reading

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September 26, 2014 by Benny and Sheree Phillips 2 comments

5 Things to Remember For Parenting Teens

As the parents of 7 and grandparents of 15, people sometimes ask us for parenting advice. Perhaps we've gotten to a place in our lives where we have something to offer, if only due to the fact that we survived 35 years of parenting, are still married and actually have a warm relationship with all the once-little people who are now giving us little ones of their own. Really adorable little ones....Keep Reading

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August 22, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 0 comments

Errands, Tantrums, and the Gospel

My sister’s baby had a fever, so I ran by her house the other week to pick up two of her kids and take them with me on my errands to give her a little break. They were prattling on like little girls do, talking about nothing and everything. On our way home, we were listening to a local Christian radio station and Everfound’s “God of the Impossible” came on. Now, I’m not a fan of Christian radio per se, but the lyrics got me thinking about my life and what I was doing with it. “Here I am, Lord send me. I won’t look back cause I was made to be a part of the impossible, you’re God of the impossible…I dare to believe in incredible things, I’m ready to go, ready to go.” As I was driving, listening to mindless chatter and my son babbling in the back seat, I thought, “Gosh, there is so much I could do with my life. I could go to Africa and take care of orphans, or go back to Haiti and work at the orphanage there. Or even Bolivia, learning Spanish and preaching the Gospel in La Paz. Yet here I am, going to Walmart and buying groceries and living a pretty mindless life. I want to do GREAT THINGS!” All the while the song kept playing in the background…here I am, Lord send me....Keep Reading

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August 7, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 2 comments

Image is Not Everything

Our culture gets it wrong when it comes to women and image. That is no surprise, and much has been said on the topic. Recently the Huffington Post did a piece on what tabloids would look like if they treated men the way they treated women. Westminster College has a well-researched article about beauty standards, women in the media, and how women internalize the “thin-beauty” standard....Keep Reading

Posted in: Women's Issues Tags: ladies, Redeemer Church, Lake Nona Church, blog, lake Nona, bible, gospel, Orlando Church, Lake Nona Churches, Hope, parenting, Idolatry, trayvon martin, Identity, lee vista, lee vista church, redeemerchurch, redeemer, lakenonachurch, redeemer blog, social issues, motherhood, women, kingdom of God, The church, image of God, cultural issues

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