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October 30, 2014 by Eric Garrett 0 comments

Toward a Better Understanding of Suffering Part 1

suffering4 This likely won't be my most popular post (not that I'm under any illusion that any of my posts are widely read). But I believe this issue to be so important that it needs to be discussed, particularly among those of us from a younger generation. For those of us who haven't experienced the pressures of real financial hardship, who haven't mourned the death of the someone close to us, who haven't experienced daily aches and pains, this topic might not seem that relevant to us. However, that's a lie. A considerate older person will tell you that the weight of the reality of suffering is right around the corner. But even among seasoned sufferers there often seems to be great misunderstanding about the nature of suffering, so I think it might be helpful to attempt to address suffering from a biblical point of view....Keep Reading

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