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September 11, 2014 by Daniel Bell 3 comments

Written Art: One Way the Gospel Makes Its Presence Known

If you step inside a major city, you see art everywhere. You see it on the billboards and the crossing signs; you hear it in the form of music on radio or see it on giant T.V.'s in places like New York City. If you pay attention to those things, they have one thing in common--communication. These mediums of art usually bring a message to the viewer or listener to express something, and I believe that God is on that same mission with expressing His truth. In fact, I would say he has been at it for thousands of years because of the poetic and extensive writings of the books of the Bible. However, we all know that the Bible is a historical collection of documents, so how about today? Does God really care about using written art so much as to share truth to the masses? Should the Gospel of Jesus Christ even be involved in haikus, verses, short stories, long epics and the like? From me, a resounding YES comes to mind....Keep Reading

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