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Easter and the Story of Jesus: Sunday Service

April 2, 2015 by Kyle Davis 2 comments

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As we begin to celebrate our third Easter Sunday as a church, it has been a wonderful time of studying the Gospel for me personally and my prayer is that the powerful message of the Gospel will be clearly presented as we lift Him up with our voices in songs of praise. Christ has given us the greatest gift! We do not receive the unbearable and righteous wrath of God that we deserve. We are sinners and our God is a holy God, but that is not the whole story!

At the beginning of the service we are going to celebrate and rejoice in the greatest day in history and ask ourselves what had to happen, what had to take place, in order for us to be able to dance and sing about being forgiven and free.  Then, we will transition to telling a three-act story of what our Savior came to do.  Christ came to serve.  He came to die.  And he came to conquer.

His life was one that was lived perfectly, without sin. No one else in history can make this claim!  His life was full of challenges and temptations, and yet he remained sinless. The mediator between us and God had to be the perfect sacrifice, the spotless Lamb. How amazing, that we do not have to live with our own defeated efforts day in and day out, trying to live perfect lives.  In the song "Over and Over Again" it says that in our weakness and suffering, He finds us.  He came to us; he came to serve us by providing the way and means for us to live again.  He did not require us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and find a way to make ourselves worthy of him.  On the contrary, despite the fact that we fail over and over again, the Humble Servant condescended into our flesh to serve us and provide an example worth following.

Christ was crucified on the cross and buried in the tomb. His reward for living a perfect life was to die the most heinous, painful and brutal way possible in those days. Yet He went joyfully to die because it was the will of His Father. Calvary’s Hill was the end of a bloody trail but His blood that was poured out was needed to wash the stain of sin away, as the song by Kari Jobe, "O the Blood" so powerfully articulates. His blood ran red, but our hearts were washed as white as snow. When His last breath had gone from His body, they took Him down and placed Him in a tomb. Death, the appearance of defeat had won the day, so it seemed.  Or, as the song "Man of Sorrows" puts it: "Silent as He stood accused/Beaten, mocked and scorned/Bowing to the Father's will/He took a crown of thorns."

But the story doesn't end there. Christ rose from the grave after three days and with His resurrection, His kingdom is victorious! Death was defeated because he "trampled over death by death"! Sin has no authority! Christ is risen from the grave! Chris is risen from the grave! What does this mean for us? It means that an eternity has been made for us. Our debts have been paid in full and we will live with Christ eternally as He rules and reigns over death and hell.  Our call in response is to acknowledge his authority and his kingship as the Conqueror of death and sin, to "Behold our God/Seated on the throne/Come, let us adore him!"

We will be singing these songs this coming Sunday to help us to celebrate what Christ has done and to hopefully paint a clear picture of Jesus Christ, His life, death and resurrection.  I invite you to listen to these songs over the next few days, to pray over them, and to prepare your hearts for corporate worship.

Happy Day – Tim Hughes
Over and Over Again – I Am They
O the Blood – Kari Jobe
Man of Sorrows – Hillsong
Christ is Risen – Matt Maher
Behold Our God – SGM

We will also hear Isaiah 53 recited from memory and 1 Corinthians 15:55-57 spoken in multiple languages during “Christ is Risen”. God’s Word will be at the center of the morning as we boast in Him alone. I hope that this Sunday will serve as both a reminder for those who believe and an unmistakable call for those who have not been changed by the amazing grace, the precious blood and the risen King. I pray that this will be an amazing outreach to those who do not know God. That lives will be changed by the Gospel and the unique opportunity that Easter gives us to present the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Please join us in celebrating that Christ has paid in full what we could never pay!



Ginny on Apr 2, 2015 at 4:00pm

This looks amazing! Can't wait!

Sheree on Apr 2, 2015 at 10:16am

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