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From the Grave

November 14, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 0 comments

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Fascinated by scenes unfurled, fascinated they come and dance
This vision of a Son of Man, who melts my heart with soulful glance
Across the vision of cautious mind, foreboding foresight still
I see the Maker of all things, bear a cross uphill

Sinless man, yet wholly God, my mind at once exposed
How can the One of infinite reign be naked and opposed?
My finite cognizance cannot grasp the wonder and the violence
Of Sovereignty who bows his head to wicked human license

Oh suffering Savior, come down from there! Call the angels near!
Yet there he stays for all to see, as shameful crowds jeer
In agonizing death succumbs, to evil’s mincing thrall
Laid to rest in white-washed tomb, wrapped in linen shawl

Hope is fled, it’s buried deep in rock and somber stone
And there it lies as evil leaps to grapple with his throne
Alas I weep and gnash my teeth to see the wicked triumph!
Oh bitter dream, awaken me! I long for sacred defiance!

Upon the burst of morning light, the first ever born Son!
Stepping forth through time dawning, death is now undone!
See the shaking of the minions who thought it was their day!
Silence, Devil, behold and see the Savior, the Truth, the Way!

Shackles fall to gleams of brilliance; the sinner at last is free
The vision flees and now I grasp, that shameful one was me
I died with him at Calvary, but lo! It wasn’t the end
I rose with him from the grave, with Jesus, my brother, my friend

Oh church, awake! Break forth to shout! Your slumber has no place
In this kingdom where hope resides, where sin bows to grace
So stand and sing, and tell the tale of vision now made true
The risen Savior stands today, and He will return for you!

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