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February 10, 2015 0 comments

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(We've rounded up some of the best and most helpful articles and posts from around the blogosphere.  It's not necessarily from the past week, or 3 days, since we often find things we love long after all the Christian-blogosphere-hipsters have already read and discussed.  We hope these are edifying, encouraging and/or challenging.  Happy reading.)




  • Particularly timely given our recent series on the Digital Age, Greg Forster explains how the church can help the growing number of people who have lost their jobs due to technological advancement

  • Justin Taylor explains why he isn't sure that the creation days were 24-hour periods

  • Douglas Wilson has a different, and very Douglas Wilson-y, perspective

  • Dan Phillips (repping the last name excellently, as per usual) opens up a discussion about the role that music plays in worship by giving some brief, helpful starting points

  • Tim Challies articulates why God is the best kind of Savior

  • Timothy Keller, doing what he does -- in this case, explaining how the Bible teaches (contrary to modernity and, conversely, the ancients) that our main struggle is not between our hearts and our minds, but between forces within our hearts

  • Bob Kauflin is an old man.  Luckily for us, he's learned a thing or three along the way.

  • Dr. Rusty Hawkins explains how an evangelistic hermeneutic of segregation impacted the Jim Crow south, and what a descendent of that hermeneutic might look like today.  The entire series is thought-provoking



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