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Highlights from the Blogosphere 3

February 26, 2015 0 comments

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(Eds. note: Once again, we've looked around and gathered together some highlights from around the blogosphere over recent days.  We hope the links are edifying and encouraging.) 




  • Do you find your job boring, unfulfilling, or seemingly not as important as those called to pastoral or missional ministry? Tom Nelson reminds us that while Jesus was more than a carpenter, He was not less.
  • What did 1 John 2:3 mean in saying that if we do not keep God's commands, we are not real Christians? Does this contradict what we know of salvation? Kevin DeYoung explains.  
  • "However, in our love for and training of our children we aren’t just preserving the species, but are sustaining and developing the bonds of identity and meaning that transcend generations and constitute the very fabric of society." Alastair Roberts with more on the politics of sex and family

  • What is the significance of the part in Christian culture played by choir robes? S.D. Kelly explains. 



  • What was the #1 song on your birthday? Find out if you dare. 
  • The NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation is ending.  This eulogy notes the admirable and distinctly Christian themes often prevalant in the show. 
  • What did the HBO show Girls get wrong about abortion, and how is it a reflection of a broader shift in pro-choice rhetoric? 

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