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Redeemer Church Moving to Odyssey Middle School

October 9, 2013 by Jesse Phillips 0 comments

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Beginning on Sunday, November 3rd, Redeemer Church will hold its weekly meetings at Odyssey Middle School. Located just 5 minutes from Redeemer's current meeting place, Odyssey offers a recognizable landmark, room for growth and a number of practical benefits the church has been seeking for several months.

SiteVisit"We're very excited about moving to Odyssey. For the last several months we've been praying for the Lord to open doors," Benny Phillips said. "God providentially allowed us to discover an opening at the school and has given us favor with its administration. We're saving money and moving into a place that will support our growth and ministry needs for years to come."

Odyssey also offers increased meeting space, a sound barrier for children's ministry, and onsite equipment storage.

A known, visible and accessible landmark were among the church's top priorities in its search, each of which is met by the Orlando school, situated just minutes from 417 on Lee Vista BLVD.




More information about meeting times and location specifics will be posted in the coming weeks.

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