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Duties With Meaning

Life's mundane tasks are rarely celebrated and are called "duties." What is it about that word that conjures up fatigue at best or disdain at worst? Does even thinking of the word duty produce anticipation or blah?...

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Sunsets and Clean Bathrooms

I've been thinking a lot recently about how boring every-day-life can be. When there is something fun or exciting to look forward to, I'm quicker to get out of bed…and with a better attitude. There's a lilt to my step and my cheery attitude makes the day more inviting. Like last Thursday. Benny planned a day off - his first in awhile - and we were both looking forwar...

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They are Redeemer Church

I don't remember the first time we met him, but it was close to 10 years ago. Alex was just out of high school and wanted to be a professional musician. He was giving his life to this goal - and it resulted in him leaning away from the church in which his family had been involved for years. ...

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Why French Braids are Important to Me

Today I got to spend the afternoon with an old friend. We laughed; joked; shared Starbucks and a scone; playfully mocked others she was interacting with; and, at one point, fought back tears. She was gushing with gratitude at a recent box she received in the mail from faraway friends who surprised her and her husband with Valentine gifts. And then there was the generous ch...

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Welcome to Redeemer Church

At one of our pre-launch Sunday night meetings in December we were singing a familiar song and floods of memories came over me remembering nights when I had sung that same song flat on my face in a puddle of tears and sorrow. ...

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