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Delighting in fatness

The Christian life is a banquet in which we feast on the mercy and forgiveness of God. We've been invited to a life of perpetual and deepending enjoyment of our inheritance and basking in the joy of our salvation....

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Perspective statement on the Trayvon Martin tragedy

Yesterday was a day many will not easily forget. Sixteen months after a young black man was murdered minutes from this community a jury decided that his killer acted in self-defense. There are those who applaud the verdict and those who did not. We desire not to address the validity of the verdict but the heart of the genuine believer in response....

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Are you ashamed by sexual sin?

Like many people who grow up in the church, Jen was raised by parents with strong morals and a church that taught principals teaching of purity and abstinence. Like so many others, she fell into sin and ended up pregnant. As a result of her indescretion she felt like she was walking around with an increasingly large scarlett letter on her stomach. She condemned herself and...

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Ephesians 5: Roles & Mutual Submission

Our identity, he taught, is not defined by our roles. But our God-given roles guide us in how we are to live out our identity in Christ....

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