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Easter and the Story of Jesus: Sunday Service

Kyle Davis explains the story we will try to tell through worship this Easter Sunday, and how we plan to accomplish that purpose. ...

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A Father's Heart on Race, the Gospel and the Home

Kyle Davis writes about race, the gospel and the home. If we accept the premise that racism and discrimination are problems in our society, where do we go from there? What is the solution? And how do we ensure that we properly teach our children about both the problem and the proper solution?...

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Worship and Art

In this, the third and final post of the series on worship, I am hoping that you have been challenged with how you prepare your heart, as well as your physical expressiveness in times of corporate worship. Today, I would like to stir up the pot a little with what is an ongoing debate amongst churches and hopefully encourage us all to use our gifts and talents for the glory...

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Expressiveness in Worship

There is a reason that the first post in this three part series was on preparing our hearts for worship and the fact that every aspect of our lives during the week is a form of worshiping the Creator. We were created to worship God and we are emotional creatures, but just as in everything else we are called to do, we are to direct those around us to God’s glory and not o...

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Preparing Our Hearts For Worship

When asked to do a three part series on worship, numerous topics came to mind as I sat down to start writing. What would be helpful to talk about? How do I prepare for writing these posts? And that’s when I thought this: if I need to prepare for writing this, how much more important is it for me to prepare my heart for corporate worship? So, this week we are going t...

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