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How Can Systemic Racism Be a Problem When So Many African-Americans Are Successful?

Jacob Phillips on why the success of individual African-Americans or Christians doesn't disprove allegations of systemic racism or bias against Christianity. ...

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The Two Things I Want to Teach My Sons About Their Black Friends

Janelle, a white mother, writes about what she wants to teach her sons about their black friends ...

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The Problem With the "God's Not Dead" Films

Jake Phillips talks about the "God's Not Dead" franchise and why it's problematic. ...

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John Piper, Guns and Motives (Part 2)

Part 2 of Joey's article about John Piper, guns and lethal self-defense...

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John Piper, Guns, and Motives

It is a temptation within American evangelicalism to conflate cultural and political values with biblical teaching. John Piper might be right about guns and self-defense, or he might be wrong. Either way, we can learn from him how to approach our own values based on the Bible rather than only the Constitution....

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When, If Ever, Should We Call Abortion "Murder"?

There's a recent debate in evangelicalism about when, if ever, to call abortion "murder." Jake Phillips weighs in. ...

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The Perfect Brain

Bob Putman analyzes The Brain with David Eagleman, a PBS production, and how it both wildly misses the point, but also demonstrates the glory and power of God. ...

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The Racist in the Mirror

Janelle Garrett writes about searching our own hearts, and being honest about what we find....

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A Gun and the Summer of ’74

A young guy about age 20 walked into the lobby and asked for a job application. I explained we weren’t hiring, so he said he wanted a pack of Marlboros. I walked over behind the counter, handed him the cigarettes and told him that would be 50 cents. (Yes, you read that right.) He produced a $1 bill and when I opened the drawer to get change he told me he wanted all t...

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Christian Ethics and For-Profit Prisons: Fiduciary Duties

Jake Phillips writes about for-profit prisons and the problem of fiduciary duties. ...

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