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Laughter: A Pro-Life Prayer

Jake Phillips prays over the issue of abortion in our country. Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours....

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Fire Burning

Janelle writes a poem about the hidden hatred in all of us, and what the solution is. ...

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From the Grave

Fascinated by scenes unfurled, fascinated they come and dance This vision of a Son of Man, who melts my heart with soulful glance Across the vision of cautious mind, foreboding foresight still I see the Maker of all things, bear a cross uphill...

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The Coming Light

Constant friend, my soul's own darkness, constant still, my soul's repose In the alley of soul's shadow, lurks a monster of my own Chained by sinful thoughts immoral, chained by sinful deeds done bold Soul and spirit war between me, making war, my corpse gone cold...

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Mercy's Slave

A twisted seed writhing forth, converging in the soil Bringing darkness, birthing fear, mindless in its toil Distorts the call of shameless grace, rejects the call of hope It cannot see the barren soul from which its blackness sloped...

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