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Apply the Word: This Isn't the Christ You're Looking For

In the latest Apply the Word, Alex recaps and draws application from Benny's sermon on John 6, the latest in our Visible Glory series. ...

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Apply the Word: Reflecting the Visible Glory

Our latest Apply the Word reviews the first sermon from our new series on the Gospel of John, Visible Glory...

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Apply the Word: The Shepherd Leads

Alex writes the latest in our "Apply the Word" series, reviewing Joey's message on Psalm 23....

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Apply the Word: 3 Reasons to Pursue God

Alex Thermenos with the latest in our Apply the Word series, writing about three reasons we should pursue God. ...

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Apply the Word: Weaned from False Hope

In the latest "Apply the Word" post, Alex talks about Benny's sermon on Psalm 131, and how we can become content in Christ. ...

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Apply the Word -- Psalm 88, the Gospel, and the Dark Night of the Soul

Alex Thermenos helps us apply the preaching of the Word on Sunday to our daily lives. ...

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Sermon Notes: Application from Psalm 46

What are some points of application we can draw from the sermon on Psalm 46? Alex has some suggestions. ...

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Responding to the Call: Part 2

Bob Putman recaps the concluding message in our series "Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Living in a Fallen World."...

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Identity Trumps Motherhood: Sermon Recap

Bob Putman reviews Benny's sermon from this past Sunday about motherhood and identity. How God sees us is infinitely more important than how anyone else sees us, including ourselves. ...

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Kingdom Living: Let Your Word Be Your Bond

What did Jesus mean when He said "let your yes be yes and your no be no?" What should we think about oaths, truth-telling, swearing, lies, and the differences and distinctions between them?...

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