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A Life-Altering Souvenir

Sheree Phillips explains how a man from Haiti named Souvenir taught her again what it means to serve and love family. ...

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Race and the Church

Benny Phillips and Jacob Phillips discuss race, racism, racial reconciliation and the necessity of dialogue regarding these topics within the church. How does our theology inform our practical involvement and discussions regarding issues of race and racism? ...

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Why Image-Bearing Isn't Only About Responsibility

In my last article, I described our core identity in terms of being God's image-bearers, but if you survey the New Testament, you'll find its overarching understanding of our identity in Christ is that we are sons, co-heirs, siblings of Christ destined to become like Christ. So, we must ask the question: is the New Testament replacing the Old Testament image-bearer motif w...

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God's Precious Gift of Life

This past week Christians and advocates throughout the country commemorated the 41st anniversary of Roe. V. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that has legalized abortion and resulted in the death of 55 million unborn children....

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