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Discussing the Benedict Option, Sort Of: Part 2

Part 2 of a discussion about the Benedict Option......

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Discussing the Benedict Option, Sort Of: Part 1

Jake Phillips and Ryan McLaughlin discuss the theory and practical application of the so-called "Benedict Option." ...

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Moments in Church History 3: Reformation Day

Joey Phillips writes part 3 in our Moments in Church History series, using Halloween to talk about Reformation Day. He shares several facts about Reformation Day, Martin Luther, and the 95 Theses. Although it's a lighthearted post, it's also an example of how God sovereignly uses mundane obedience to further His kingdom. ...

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5 Things Young Ex-Evangelicals Wish Their Reformed Brothers and Sisters Knew

Ryan McLaughlin, a Catholic who came from a Reformed Protestant tradition, writes about 5 misconceptions that Protestants have about Catholic theology. How can knowing these things help us in our dialogue and discussions with Catholics?...

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