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Ecclesiastes Thinks You Are Very Vain

Everything is vanity, if left to us. ...

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The (Perplexing) Friendship of Grief

I hoped I could avoid him today. But, no. I have learned to recognize his approach. Before I saw his dark grey cape and steeley eyes My stomach tightened, And I knew the stabbing pain in my heart would soon follow. "No! Not this time! I can't take you anymore!" I muttered To myself, not wanting To give him the pleasure of knowing I saw him. Confident yet q...

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The Shame of Grief

The day after I learned my brother Jon's lifeless body had been found in his bed, I walked into a small "comfort food" restaurant. I don't like eating alonewell, I don't like doing much of anything alonebut that day it seemed like the right thing to do. As I walked into the room I saw two ladies in a booth, hands clasped, and praying. Tears welled. Seeing them praying rem...

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The Awfulness of Grief

Death is unpredictable. Sometimes it provides wearisome warnings that create deep longings for relief for the loved one who is wasting away before our eyes. Other times it comes like a sudden thunder storm that finds us running for cover from the shocking loss. On Saturday, August 4, 2018 my younger brother, Jon Mark, left suddenly and I am reeling. I keep reading our las...

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Easter and the Story of Jesus: Sunday Service

Kyle Davis explains the story we will try to tell through worship this Easter Sunday, and how we plan to accomplish that purpose. ...

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I Am Inadequate

Up until a couple of weeks before the birth of my son, Silas, I worked full time as an orthopedic nurse in a large hospital in Orlando. I took care of a large number of people, 90% of whom had surgery to fix broken bones; people who had been in horrible car accidents, people who had broken bones from slipping and falling at Disney, and a large population of the elderly who...

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