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Keep God At the Center

As Christians we are tempted to push God away from the center of our lives, and to replace him with heart idols. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ helps us to identify idols, turn from them and keep God in his rightful place at the center of our lives....

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Jesus Fans Your Flame

Are you a broken reed, bruised by the cares of life, broken and hurting? Are you smoldering? Once a bright burning flame now exhausted, smoking, coughing about to go out? Put your hope in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you. He was bruised to save the bruised reed. His lamp was put out in his death on the cross so that your lamp could be relit with love for him....

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Healing the Bruised Reed

Like reeds, people can become bruised, hurt, knocked over, easily. We can be knocked over by life, broken relationships, disease and sickness, by the thoughtlessness and carelessness of other people. There are many people that are bruised, broken, and hurting, all around us, living next door, shopping where we shop, playing where we play. Jesus is the answer for the bruise...

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Big words, deep truths, great joy on a big day!

Propitiation and expiation are some big words, deep truths and cause for great joy on this big day! The wrath of God has been appeased and the guilt of sin removed....

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