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Apply the Word: Weaned from False Hope

In the latest "Apply the Word" post, Alex talks about Benny's sermon on Psalm 131, and how we can become content in Christ. ...

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Advent: God Is Not Dead, Nor Does He Sleep

What can a 19th century poet teach us about the meaning of the Advent season?...

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The Coming Light

Constant friend, my soul's own darkness, constant still, my soul's repose In the alley of soul's shadow, lurks a monster of my own Chained by sinful thoughts immoral, chained by sinful deeds done bold Soul and spirit war between me, making war, my corpse gone cold...

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Image is Not Everything

Our culture gets it wrong when it comes to women and image. That is no surprise, and much has been said on the topic. Recently the Huffington Post did a piece on what tabloids would look like if they treated men the way they treated women. Westminster College has a well-researched article about beauty standards, women in the media, and how women internalize the “thin-bea...

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Two Things the Gospel Does for Us When We Suffer

The gospel does two things for us when we suffer: it comforts us, and it calls us. In my last post, I surveyed the glorious hope our identity in Christ gives us in the face of suffering:...

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The Message of Redemption through Joshua

Yesterday’s message from Pastor Benny Phillips continues with the "Age of Heroes" series. I am thankful to God for this message of inspiration, hope, and redemption. We were reminded of God's immense power in how God uses His people to overcome many obstacles that are seemingly insurmountable. It is amazing how the gospel is connected to every story in scripture. Many of...

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How Should a Christian Respond to the Immigration Crisis? Part 1

By all accounts, thousands and thousands of children are entering the United States from Mexico every month. What has been a political issue for a long time has become something of a crisis. It is at the point that the government is asking for help from churches in the areas most affected. (See This issue has a lot of facets, not the least of w...

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Healing the Bruised Reed

Like reeds, people can become bruised, hurt, knocked over, easily. We can be knocked over by life, broken relationships, disease and sickness, by the thoughtlessness and carelessness of other people. There are many people that are bruised, broken, and hurting, all around us, living next door, shopping where we shop, playing where we play. Jesus is the answer for the bruise...

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Abounding Hope

Recap of our Sunday gathering. Benny Phillips preached on our Abounding Hope from Isaiah 11:1-10, continuing our series on the Gospel According to Isaiah....

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