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Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Janelle Garrett explains why she's disturbed by some of the responses to the Syrian refugee crisis. ...

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Politics or Theology? Thinking About Immigration

Combining two older posts into one, Joey and Jake argue that immigration is a theological issue more than a political issue, which should inform the way we think about it. ...

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Gospel Substitutes Part 2: Activism

Jake Phillips writes the second part in our series entitled "Gospel Substitutes." Is there a danger that our participation in Christian causes can become a substitute for the core message of the Gospel?...

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Responding to the Coming "Amnesty" Executive Order

Jake Phillips writes about our response as Christians to the coming Executive Order regarding amnesty. Our biblical mandate to incarnate Christ and display compassion is more important than our political views regarding issues of immigration and enforcing laws. ...

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Immigration Part 2: Sojourners in a Foreign Land

In Part 1 of the #CulturalValues post about Immigration, Joey pointed out that fundamentally, Christians should think about this issue through the lens of Jesus’ teaching about the “least of these.” Our primary concern about this issue should be for people, not fences. It’s important to remember that neither of us are advocating for a specific policy position. Our ...

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How Should a Christian Respond to the Immigration Crisis? Part 1

By all accounts, thousands and thousands of children are entering the United States from Mexico every month. What has been a political issue for a long time has become something of a crisis. It is at the point that the government is asking for help from churches in the areas most affected. (See This issue has a lot of facets, not the least of w...

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