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"I Didn't Say That!": How Metacommunication Messes With Relationships (Part 2)

Sheree Phillips with the second part of her series on Metacommunication and relationships...

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"I Didn't Say That!": How Metacommunication Messes With Relationships (Part 1)

What is metacommunication? And how does it impact our relationships? Sheree Phillips is spending a 5-part series exploring the concept and how it impacts our lives....

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Gospel Substitutes Part 5: Socialism

Part 5 of our "Gospel Substitutes" series focuses on Socialism. Is sanctification the goal of our relationships and friendships? If not, there is a danger that we are succumbing to the temptation of a gospel substitute. ...

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The Digital Age and the Temptation of the Apple: A Sermon Review

Jake Phillips reviews Jesse Phillips' sermon from this past Sunday entitled "Unplugged: Vocation in the Digital Age." It was the last sermon in our "Unplugged: Finding Peace in the Digital Age" series....

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Relationships and the Potential for Misunderstanding

Sheree Phillips writes about relationships and the potential for misunderstanding. Like texting with a smart phone, miscommunication is inevitable. But relationships are worth the potential for misunderstanding....

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A New Young Friend and the Old, Old Story

If you’re like me sometimes it’s hard to know what the gospel really looks like in relationships. I actually used to think the gospel was something you spoke only to the lost who needed to hear how the sinless life, atoning death and glorious resurrection of Christ made a way for them to have a relationship with God, brings meaning to suffering and provides hope for th...

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