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Atonement Theory Week: Recapitulation (Part 2)

Ryan McLaughlin with Part 2 of the Recapitulation theory of the atonement...

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Atonement Theory Week: Recapitulation (Part 1)

Ryan McLaughlin writes about the second theory we are highlighting in our Atonement Theory Week: recapitulation. ...

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Redeemer Church Is On the Move!

Redeemer Church at Lake Nona is moving to Sun Blaze Elementary School! ...

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Transgenderism and Transfiguration

Ryan McLaughlin writes about the transfiguration and the soteriological essence of all of our stories, fictional or otherwise, including that of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. ...

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Gospel Substitutes Part 4: Legalism

Joey Phillips covers the fourth part of our "Gospel Substitutes" series. He covers the topic of legalism. Why is legalism still such a significant temptation for the church even after the apostle Paul covered the topic in such detail?...

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Counterfeit Redemption

Pop culture often presents us with stories of false redemption. The antidote is to combat stories with stories, specifically the story of blood-bought redemption. ...

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Gospel Substitutes Part 1: Formalism

We are beginning a series on our blog entitled "Gospel Substitutes" where we will analyze how we are tempted to substitute certain modes of thinking (formalism, legalism, socialism etc.) for the Gospel. Sheree Phillips begins our series with a look at Formalism. ...

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Freedom to Think: A Sermon Review

If we assess the idea that “faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone” is all we need for salvation, we need to evaluate this in the light of scripture. And we need to evaluate the Judaizers’ idea that something more than Christ’s sacrifice is needed. Let’s not be too quick to condemn them. They were trying to protect something good: Godâ...

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Christopher Columbus, Culture and Conversions

Jake Phillips writes about Christopher Columbus, Christian subcultures, and legitimate conversion. Are we placing more value in seeing unbelievers begin to look, act and talk like us, or in seeing them act more like Christ? Do we value legitimate conversions or cultural assimilation? ...

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