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Being a "First-Responder" Christian

Sheree Phillips explains what it means to be a "First-Responder" Christian, and why it should be a goal of all of ours. ...

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Feminism and the Stay-at-Home Mom

Sheree Phillips explains living through the rise of second-wave feminism, and how her choices were not a total rejection of its values. ...

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A Life-Altering Souvenir

Sheree Phillips explains how a man from Haiti named Souvenir taught her again what it means to serve and love family. ...

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Gospel Substitutes Part 1: Formalism

We are beginning a series on our blog entitled "Gospel Substitutes" where we will analyze how we are tempted to substitute certain modes of thinking (formalism, legalism, socialism etc.) for the Gospel. Sheree Phillips begins our series with a look at Formalism. ...

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