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The Racist in the Mirror

Janelle Garrett writes about searching our own hearts, and being honest about what we find....

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Race and the Church

Benny Phillips and Jacob Phillips discuss race, racism, racial reconciliation and the necessity of dialogue regarding these topics within the church. How does our theology inform our practical involvement and discussions regarding issues of race and racism? ...

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Image is Not Everything

Our culture gets it wrong when it comes to women and image. That is no surprise, and much has been said on the topic. Recently the Huffington Post did a piece on what tabloids would look like if they treated men the way they treated women. Westminster College has a well-researched article about beauty standards, women in the media, and how women internalize the “thin-bea...

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Perspective statement on the Trayvon Martin tragedy

Yesterday was a day many will not easily forget. Sixteen months after a young black man was murdered minutes from this community a jury decided that his killer acted in self-defense. There are those who applaud the verdict and those who did not. We desire not to address the validity of the verdict but the heart of the genuine believer in response....

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