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The (Perplexing) Friendship of Grief

I hoped I could avoid him today. But, no. I have learned to recognize his approach. Before I saw his dark grey cape and steeley eyes My stomach tightened, And I knew the stabbing pain in my heart would soon follow. "No! Not this time! I can't take you anymore!" I muttered To myself, not wanting To give him the pleasure of knowing I saw him. Confident yet q...

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When Hurting People Don't Need Words: Button One

When Hurting People Don't Need Words: Part One Editors note: Sheree is married to our Senior Pastor, Benny, and has been involved in caring for hurting people for over 40 years. She also has 7 kids who have needed care through many personal and family struggles. 4 years ago she decided to get some counseling training from CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundatio...

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When Hurting People Don't Need Words: Button Two

When Hurting People Don't Need Words: Button Two Last Friday I talked about how caring for a suffering person makes the discerning person aware of how their pain results in pain in us. Even as we want to lovingly minister to others, we are affected by their suffering and often don't realize the urge to quickly talk is partly motivated by the urge to dispel the growing pai...

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Don't Dismiss Your Suffering

Sheree Phillips talks about suffering and grace. We have a tendency to minimize our sufferings because we don't think they compare to other types of suffering. But if we minimize suffering, we can inadvertently be minimizing grace. Suffering comes in degree, but grace doesn't....

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