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ISIS and Social Media: What Do You Think?

How should we think through the brutal executions orchestrated by ISIS, and the way that the news of such attacks spreads through social media?...

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Kate, Leopold and the Apostle Paul

Sheree Phillips analyzes how technology has changed the way we communicate, for better or worse. How has technology enhanced our communication? And what lessons can we learn from Paul (and yes, Hugh Jackman) that should inform the way we communicate with all of the technological gadgets available to us?...

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The Digital Age and the Temptation of the Apple: A Sermon Review

Jake Phillips reviews Jesse Phillips' sermon from this past Sunday entitled "Unplugged: Vocation in the Digital Age." It was the last sermon in our "Unplugged: Finding Peace in the Digital Age" series....

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Relationships and the Potential for Misunderstanding

Sheree Phillips writes about relationships and the potential for misunderstanding. Like texting with a smart phone, miscommunication is inevitable. But relationships are worth the potential for misunderstanding....

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Useless Bonfires and the Enemy Within

Sheree Phillips tells the story of Paul and his useless bonfire. How do we mortify our temptations to worldliness? How do we find our contentment in Christ alone? What does it mean to abide in Christ?...

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Friendship in the Age of Friending: Sermon Review

Bob reviews Joey's sermon from this past Sunday, "Friendship in the Age of Friending." It's the latest in our series entitled "Unplugged: Peace in the Digital Age." Joey explored what it means to have true, biblical friendships and fellowship in the age of artificial connections. ...

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Slowing Down to Abide in Christ

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution. Through the internet we have access to more information than we can ever apply, and the ability to share our lives instantly, most of us from our phone. Technology has made this possible. Yet there is no greater threat from technology than its power to distract us from our inner lives....

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