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The Law and Freedom's Promise

Benny Phillips continued Redeemer's Galatians series, preaching on Galatians 3:15-25 on Sunday. So far in the letter to the Galatians, Paul has a specific flow of thought: He has established that we are saved, justified and redeemed only by faith in Christ and not through righteousness of our own. Any careful reader (or listener) will inevitably have questions about wher...

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What Our Identity in Christ Says About Our Suffering

The suffering in our lives keeps us from doing and experiencing many good things, and it often teaches us bad things. Suffering has the tendency to pervert our perception of the world around us. Children who grow up abused often have uniquely distorted views of God, self, and others. Those who suffer traumatic experiences in any stage of life often have difficulty engaging...

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Why Image-Bearing Isn't Only About Responsibility

In my last article, I described our core identity in terms of being God's image-bearers, but if you survey the New Testament, you'll find its overarching understanding of our identity in Christ is that we are sons, co-heirs, siblings of Christ destined to become like Christ. So, we must ask the question: is the New Testament replacing the Old Testament image-bearer motif w...

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||redeemer|| #culturalvalues ||part one||

This #CulturalValues talk is about homosexuality " well, sort of. It’s about the LGBT movement, or the LBQGTITZFOB or whatever they are called now " although,as you’ll see, that’s kind of the point. This talk has two major points. I want to address the present reality (homosexuality) and I want to address the future possibilities, or the future goals of the LGBT move...

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Ephesians 5: Roles & Mutual Submission

Our identity, he taught, is not defined by our roles. But our God-given roles guide us in how we are to live out our identity in Christ....

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