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The Digital Age and the Temptation of the Apple: A Sermon Review

Jake Phillips reviews Jesse Phillips' sermon from this past Sunday entitled "Unplugged: Vocation in the Digital Age." It was the last sermon in our "Unplugged: Finding Peace in the Digital Age" series....

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The Heart of Women and Work

This month in our cultural value series we are sharing thoughts on different issues women face. Last week, Janelle discussed the issue of women and image. This week I want to touch on the topic of women and work. When you think about women and work there is SO much that has already been said and written on the subject. I am not going to attempt to address the question on w...

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Work Ethics Part 1

The issue of what it means to work, where we should work, and how the gospel applies to our work is an important issue, and one that Alex Thermenos somewhat addressed in an earlier post. We want to look at the issue more in-depth; this is Part I of a series on “Work and the Gospel,” and I want to address an issue that is relevant to whatever “work” we are doing. Wh...

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Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance” is a popular buzzword in the business world these days. In basic terms, it's the idea that a person needs to be careful not to spend so much time at work that they have no life. It’s receiving much attention due to recent efforts to explain and remedy something of an epidemic of burnout among people in high-level, high-pressure positions throughou...

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