Abounding Hope

Today we had the opportunity to remind ourselves about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. After spending some time in prayer for our friends Aaron and Crystal Law as they are mouring the loss of their newborn daughter Esther this week, we cast those burdens on The Lord and asked God to draw near and comfort them in the midst of their affliction. 

Throughout worship and the sermon that followed, God was faithful to remind his people that that the hope we need can be found in Jesus Christ, who can shine the light of that hope into the darkest circumstances.

After worship, Benny continued our series on the Gospel According to Isaiah, teaching the church that hope strengthens us. Conversely, when we don't have hope for the future, we don't have power for the present. Hope believes that God is not done, and that a new and better day is coming.

Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, if last week was marked by blessing or suffering, we can be confident that God is not done with us. He is our redeemer and his promises and faithfulness allow us to have hope for the future and strength for the present.

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