Disciple Making Disciples

outreachI was recently asked to succinctly describe my burden for Redeemer Church: I want to see God birth in us a rich culture of disciples who make disciple-making disciples. Let me briefly unpack this idea for you.

The most frequent term in the gospels for someone who follows Jesus is "disciple". Essentially, that means a devoted learner. As those who have been called by God into His kingdom, we are devoted learners of the words and ways of Jesus. We are his disciples. Jesus came into the world to make disciples that, in turn, make more disciples. This process began with the apostles and continues down the line of history to us.

You know what the snowball effect is, right? As a snowball rolls downhill, it gathers momentum, adding more snow to grow larger and larger. This is kind of like what Jesus is after. As we imitate him we are to be disciples who make disciple-making disciples. Each new disciple increases the momentum of the ever-growing church. It's a beautiful and powerful picture! And it's one that's at the very heart of Jesus. It's what he prayed for and what he died for. His heart is that we would share this desire with him.This is what I long to see at Redeemer Church.

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