Engaging with “The Stubborn Darkness” Of Depression and Anxiety


Workshop location: North Shore at Lake Hart home of Benny and Sheree Phillips 10354 Mallard Landings Way; gate code #3158. Park in the lot at the end of the street or on the odd side of Mallard Landings Way

Sadly, the church hasn’t typically been the place for sufferers to share their struggles with anxiety and depression. After all we’re supposed to “be anxious for nothing” and “rejoice always,” right?

The guilt that often accompanies battles with these dark struggles keeps the sufferer in isolation. Does the Bible’s words about rejoicing and not being afraid really mean we should and can live without the pain, grief and utter confusion of living in a broken world?

The church can and should be the SAFEST place for us to experience the kind of care, compassion and ministry that brings suffering out of hiding and into the light of love.

This spring Redeemer Church is doing a 5-week series of meetings to experience the love God and others in what Ed Welch calls “the stubborn darkness” of anxiety and depression.

April 8: Engage Workshop 1-3 PM at the home of Benny and Sheree Phillips

Bring your lunch for an informal time of exploring depression and anxiety. What are common aspects of the pain and darkness of these struggles? How can we minister love and hope to sufferers? Through discussion and role plays, we will brainstorm about ways to make our church a place of help and care for all.

April 15 – May 6: Care Groups (TBD)

These meetings will be for those in and outside our church who are currently facing depression and anxiety. Strugglers will be given voluntary opportunities to share your story (no one will be pressured to speak and are welcome to benefit simply through listening to others). With the help of trained counselors and co-strugglers, you will discover you are not alone.

Anyone in the church who desires to learn more about caring for the depressed and anxious are welcome to join “Second Row,” where those interested in learning more about compassionate ministry to sufferers can observe the Care Group sessions.

Please prayerfully consider someone you can invite to experience the help and hope of the gospel in their struggles with “this stubborn darkness.”

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