Fire Burning








Fire burning, tearing, searing, focused on the Godhead’s plan

Rage against the lone survivor, rage against the soul of man

It discerns naught fear or sorrow, striking to our very core

Bringing out what lies within us, showing our imbalanced score


Haze and gloom are only figments, figments shown in pensive state

Lying in the deepest shadows, lurking are the seeds of hate

Hate that blinds and captivates, disgust at what we cannot grasp

With a shout the fire seizes, my lungs burst one final gasp


Rushing outward, torrent raging, Hatred stares with gleaming eyes

How can this be my true passion? The very thing I do despise?

All along you sang in silence, the song I covered by boastful talk

Truly I would never flounder! I never was a stumbling block!


Yet there you stand in triumphal glory, something I dare not dismiss

You have no union with my Savior, you have no eternal bliss

Facing now my own demons, staring at his cold, dark gleam

I stare into the truth unvarnished…I hoped you had been just a dream


Without excuse, without denying, I lift my hand in pride farewell

And see another Hand uplifted, scarred and bleeding, love indwelled

Hatred runs in holy terror as power and love Divine combine

To tear down walls of separation; showing truth and love aligned


For here I see the real truth coming; that even though my rage dismissed

I still fight with hidden secrets that I refuse to say exist

I’m not beyond the smallest inkling of strife or racial ignorance

Yet stands there He who opens doorways of grace unveiled and forgiveness


Black or white, slave or free, Jew, Greek, and Gentile too

All are one in Christ the Glory, hope is found where once hate grew

Without angst let us seize the union fought and bought in blood

Joining hands with every nation, wait and watch for justice flood

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