God's Precious Gift of Life


baby_handThis past week Christians and advocates throughout the country commemorated the 41st anniversary of Roe. V. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that has legalized abortion and resulted in the death of 55 million unborn children.

Although the issue has been politicized, it is not primarily a political issue. It’s a clear moral issue on which the church should take a stand. Scripture teaches that God is the author of life and that he forms us and knows us in the womb. Although not every pregnancy is planned and some result as a consequence of sin, God can redeem our failures and bring good things out of broken situations. This is the testimony of countless single parents and adopted children who remain grateful for God’s gift of life given in dark times.

The church should not be silent or afraid with so much at stake. We cannot sit idly by given Scripture’s command that we “learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless” (Is. 1:17). Let us ask God to teach us ways that we can “do good” and make a positive, if small, difference in our communities.

Much has changed in forty-one years. Science is proving what our conscience has always told us—that the beauty and mystery of human life in the womb is a precious gift from God that we should increasingly defend and thank Him for as we better understand it. May we all live to see the day when every human being made in the image of God has the right to life.

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So grateful to be in a church that values life and defends the helpless. Excellent but sobering thoughts.

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