Highlights from the Blogosphere 2

(Eds. note: Time for another round of finding some of the best articles/posts from around the Christian blogosphere over the past few days/weeks.  We hope that they are edifying/encouraging/infuriuating/challenging/awesome. Happy perusing!)




  • ISIS recently beheaded 21 Coptic Christians because of their faith.  This devastating and brutal attack inspired a range of reactions, including a brief but biblical meditation from Tom Schreiner.

  • The Atlantic published perhaps the seminal piece on the motivations of ISIS thus far.

  • Janelle Garrett wrote about pop culture and counterfeit redemption.

  • Luke Harrington with some thoughts about justice in the age of social media.  Those last two sentences, though.

  • There is beauty in friendship, and perhaps no show captures that better than Parks & RecNathan Valle explains.

  • Hannah Anderson casts a somewhat critical eye on MLM companies from a Proverbs 31 perspective.

  • Chief Justice of Alabama Roy Moore instructed probate judges to ignore federal law and refuse to issue licenses to same-sex couples.  Dr. Russell Moore opined that the proper biblical response, if Justice Moore felt the way that he did based on conscience, was to resign.  This caused quiet the controversy in Christian circles, including, according to Dr. Alan Noble, some willful misinterpretation of Dr. Moore's point.

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