It's official: We exist.


This isn’t actually the site. Go to bed….just kidding. We are very excited about what you are about to see. Not just because a lot of work went into developing the logo (which actually isn't complete yet), graphics, themes and content contained in this brand new site. Not just because we think it all looks sweet. Which we do.
There are many reasons this is a moment we are excited to share with you. Like the Bible says, nothing is official until it is online. The launching of this website represents a major landmark for the beginning of Redeemer Church at Lake Nona. The beginning is really here.
So in a way, this site represents the church. From the logo, to the directions to our meeting place, all things Redeemer Church, and much of what we are about is going to be described on this site now, and in the months and years to come. It is going to be the first impression many people will ever get of our little church, a small representation of who we are, a living record of our history. A history that is starting now. 
Thank you for visiting the brand new site for Redeemer Church at Lake Nona. We launch it full of faith for what God is going to do through this small, new work. Stay as long as you like, and let us know what you like, and what should change.

Josh Phillips 

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I love it. And I love Redeemer Church. Thanks to all who worked so hard on this.

It's here and you're all coming to us!!!!! Squee! Welcome to Lake Nona:) wecanwalk to church now!!!! Squee!!!

Well done, very exciting. Sorta makes me wish we could move South and be a part.....maybe someday.

Congratulations! I like it a lot, well done Josh! Very warm and contemporary, yet clear and welcoming! May the Lord bless your local church.

Looks great. Still looking for the quote in the Bible about nothing being official until it is online!!!!! I must have the wrong translation! Excited for you guys!

Looking good Josh. Little nostalgic comments along with excitement for what the Lord is doing in little Redeemer church. Blessings to you all!! What an endeavor and adventure for the Lord. Love all you Phillips family & those who married into the family. Good morning..or night.

Looks great, keep it up!

I like it a lot. Great layout, great logo. Very cool.

It looks amazing! I am Redeemer Church!

I am redeemer church!

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