Jesus, the Man of Sorrows

It is a story of humiliation and triumph; one of pain, suffering and victory. It was a true story, written seven hundred years before it happened. It was a story about an ordinary man and easily overlooked. He was not impressive by earthly standards, but was despised and slandered by the religious leaders of his time.

This story of inexplicable suffering follows Jesus Christ as be bore the penalty for sins that he did not commit in order to save the very people whose rejection of him led to his death.

That story was retold today, as Benny Phillips preached from Isaiah 52 and 53 on Palm Sunday, anticipating next week's celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On a weekend in which we celebrate the onset of Spring and the festivities of March Madness, Redeemer rehearsed a story suitable for all seasons. The suffering of Christ is an anchor that we need in our soul's springtime of growth as well as the winters of suffering and pain.

This, Benny preached, is what governs our fellowship and the care we provide as believers and as pastors.

"There are health winters, parenting winters, vocational winters and the final winter of death. In those winters we'll want Christ who was familiar with grief. You'll want a pastor who knows how to weep and not just laugh. You'll want hope in the face of the unexpected darkness. The hope that we have is rooted and based in the suffering, death and burial of the servant of The Lord, Jesus Christ. "

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