Jesus Fans Your Flame

The following is an adaptation of a message preached by Benny Phillips called "Hope for the Bruised and Exhausted", preached from Isaiah 42:1-4.

Suppose you lived in the days before electricity was invented. As evening came, you would light the oil lamps. During the course of the evening, the lamps burn out one by one. Running low on oil, a lamp would flicker and the light would grow dim. Before it burns out, it would smolder and gives off smoke and odor.

Just like the reeds, the smoking flax represents people too. These are people who started out well in spiritual things, their lives were burning brightly at one time, and they had a good relationship with the Lord. However, during the course of the months or years, the oil begins to go out, the light begins to flicker, and their relationship with the Lord, that at one time had been so good now had become faint and flickering.


This is where Jesus comes in. He is not going to put out the light and go to bed. It is not his desire to destroy what little faith is left in us. Instead, he will trim the wick, add oil to the lamp, fan the flame and bring it back as strong as ever.

There are different ways that our relationship with the Lord may begin to flicker. Sin creeps into our lives; pride or selfishness takes root; we hang around with the wrong crowd or neglect of spiritual duties like prayer, devotional life or commitment to the church.

Jesus can overcome these things. He does not snuff out the flickering flame, but fans it into a larger flame. He offers an endless supply of oil, bringing new life to our soul.

Are you a broken reed, bruised by the cares of life, broken and hurting? Are you smoldering? Once a bright burning flame now exhausted, smoking, coughing about to go out?

Put your hope in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you. He was bruised to save the bruised reed. His lamp was put out in his death on the cross so that your lamp could be relit with love for him.

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