lessons from a 1970′s co.worker (part two)

You can read part one here

Yesterday’s thoughts has me asking myself some pretty probing questions:

Why should I care for my home when I know people are just going to keep messing it up?

Why did I discipline my kids for arguing and being disrespectful when I knew they would do it again within days or hours or minutes?

Why should I trust God to help my hurting friend when it seems my prayers have gone unanswered?

Why can’t I “sin back” when those I love are uncaring, selfish or lazy?

img_3245God’s word is full of demands and rules. He clearly communicates these directives in His holy word. He didn’t ask our permission before instructing women to care for our homes, discipline our children and respect our husbands. He didn’t counsel with us before requiring that Christians get the logs out of our own eyes before going after the speck in another’s. And He mandates trust in His wisdom and faithfulness even when a sick friend doesn’t get healed or someone we love just isn’t changing or finances remain tight for so long.

Our culture (me included!) has become increasingly like my late 70′s co-worker. We don’t like rules. We prefer requests, accompanied by acceptable explanations when we don’t want to fulfill them. And then, ultimately, we want the right to say “no”…plain and simple….and sometimes with a wrong or sinful attitude that people just need to understand.

What good news to know that God not only makes righteous demands on those He created, but He also gives us the strength by His indwelling spirit to obey! Imbedded in the scriptures the studious can often find many of the reasons why His rules exist, but often He just says “Wives, see to it that you respect your husbands”; “Children obey your parents”; “Slaves (employees) submit to your masters (employers)”; or “Trust the Lord with all your heart.”

I had seven children who cleaned on Saturday mornings. While I did more explaining and helping them to understand heart issues, they also learned to say “Ok, Mommy” or “Yes, M’am.” But sometimes they heard, “Honey, you just need to obey Mommy.”

God, thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to always understand or agree. I just need to obey because You said so.

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