Most Human Problems Are Caused By Mistaken Identity

Launching a new teaching series, Benny Phillips, pastor of Redeemer Church at Lake Nona, claimed that humanity faces an identity crisis. Citing a new book by Mark Driscoll ("Who Do You Think You Are"), he argued that most human problems can be traced to a lack of self-understanding.

"In thirty years of pastoral ministry, I have seen that our pathologies and sin patterns are often related to the issue of identity. Our fundamental problem is that we don’t understand who we really are," Benny Phillips said. "Although we are children of God, made in His image, we end up defining ourselves by things that are false and destructive."

The sermon also offered a critique of modern day counseling, claiming that "so much of it is centered around man, instead of starting where Scripture starts, with Jesus." Addressing the cultural branding tendencies to develop identity based on possessions, vocation and sexuality, the church was exhorted to define itself differently.

"When we suffer," Benny Phillips preached, "when success eludes us, we realize that we have made those things a source of our identity. But God has something more for us. God is re-establishing and restoring our identity so that we can properly understand who we are. The shattered glass is being reconstituted so that we can reflect the glory of God as we were designed to."

The sermon series promises to continue several months and take a comprehensive look at Scripture's teaching on Christian identity and its practical implications, addressing issues of self-hatred, addiction and depression.