Our Faith Sanctifies Our (Even Insignificant) Work

A couple of years ago my son, Jesse, preached a message on the importance of seeing the place into which God has put us as a divine calling. The text was 1 Corinthians 7:17: “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches.” Jesse provided the following propositional statement as the take-away point from this passage: our faith-filled obedience to God pleases Him and sanctifies our work.

I was comforted that morning by the reminder that each of us have a divine calling on our life. While “calling” is often referenced to those in pastoral ministry, the Bible says that men, women and children are called by God to do the things currently before us. Each of us has an assignment from God – a certain task and a divine job description. God is the one who calls us to this task, Paul told the Corinthians. “God doesn’t just come up with the assignment,” Jesse assured us. “He lets us know (informs us of) what the assignment is and gives us the requisite gifts to be able to fulfill that assignment.”

Do you believe that your current season of life is a divine assignment from God?

  • As a mom of young children, do you often struggle with feeling you could be doing something more important with your life?
  • As a business man or woman, do you resent the "little" duties you have to do each day because they're keeping you from the "big" things?
  • As an employee, do you feel some of your tasks are beneath you or your pay grade?
  • Has delayed marriage tempted you to feel your singleness is an “on hold” existence where you won’t really be doing what God wants Christians to do until you have a spouse and a family?

2-large25We lose perspective on our duties when we minimize the importance of them in God’s eyes. 16th century reformer and scholar, William Tyndale, said, “There is external difference between washing of dishes, and preaching of the Word of God; but as touching to please God, none at all.”

Our God-given work is sanctified (set apart, causes growth) when we do our duties with "faith-filled obedience." We see the requirement of faith for the spiritual or heroic (i.e sharing the gospel with a neighbor, going on a mission's trip, praying for a seriously ill friend, courageously speaking up about injustice.) But do we see that faith is needed for the mundane and normal (I.e planning meals for the week, tackling a disliked project at home or work, resisting bitterness toward a spouse or child, having a consistent devotional life)?

Faith always pleases God, whether it's to finally have the courage to share the gospel with an unsaved family member, or to keep up with the laundry.

How good to know that God has given us the gifts to fulfill our assignments — however seemingly important or insignificant they are.

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