Pray for Brussels

Eds note:  Today, terrorists attacked the city of Brussels, killing over 30 people, and injuring many more.  Here is our statement.


Today, another major terrorist attack was carried out by ISIS in Europe, this time in the city of Brussels.  Over 30 people were killed, and over 150 were injured.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families and loved ones. This comes on the heels of many smaller-scale attacks in Turkey over the past few weeks, continuing reigns of terror in the Middle East and parts of Africa, the mass shooting in California, and of course a few months ago in Paris.  

It can be wearying, not to mention scary, to continue to see the murderous rampage of terrorists continue to wreak such havoc.  And, of course, that's basically the point of terrorism -- to make people scared and weary, and those emotions are natural and not necessarily out of place.  But our hope continues to be in a sovereign God whose plans are still to prosper and who remains unsurprised by the events playing out today, yesterday, or tomorrow.  

Primarily, we pray for those who were killed in today's cowardly attack, and for those who must now deal with unimaginable grief.  But we also pray for those in Brussels who know the hope of Christ -- we pray that they would be filled with compassion and courage, to be a helping hand, and to lovingly display the hope they have in Jesus.  And we pray for our country and our churches.  We pray that we would not give in to fear or hatred, but that we would be able to reach out to those who are angry and afraid.  We pray that we would continue to fulfill the radical mandate to which we've been called. 

But mostly we pray for Brussels; for the victims, their families, the first responders, and the leaders.   

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