Redeemer Church Is On the Move!



One man called the Bible a “literary tapestry woven from the stories of migrants.” Each time God moved His people, there was a reason beyond what was obvious. But there was always a prophetic purpose: God’s leading was pushing His people closer and closer to their final resting place.

In our three and one-half years together as a church, Redeemer Church has also been on the move. We started our public meetings at a small martial arts studio called Ultimate Power. Yes, the jokes abounded, but our time there was characterized by closeness, warmth and tender awareness that God was building a new church family in and through us. We had our first children’s presentation where the Christmas star was hung from a fishing pole…and yes, the star fell while the kids were singing; our first baby dedication; and many times when children escaped from Children’s Ministry in the middle of Benny’s message.

Two years ago God surprised us with the availability of Odyssey Middle School where we rejoiced in the extra space! We pulled out the curtains to block off parts of the huge cafeteria and enjoyed large classrooms for ministry to our children. In fact, the Spirit moving among our children has been a highlight during our time at Odyssey as several kids have professed faith in Christ as their Savior. More children’s presentations, The Coming Light Easter outreach, our first ordination of a new pastor (Jesse), and God bringing numerous new friends to join our church family were highlights of our time here.

But finally we are moving our meetings to Lake Nona, the original target area for our church. On November 1, we will begin meeting at Sun Blaze Elementary, a new school in a growing area. The decision has been a challenging one. In recent months the Lord has brought significant growth to Redeemer and we wondered if now is the time to move. Yet as Benny and Jesse sought the counsel of people in the church, it “seems good to the Holy Spirit” that we make this move.

What does God have planned for us now at this new location? What memories await us at Sun Blaze? On whose hearts will God move to join our young church as we take the gospel deeper into Lake Nona? God is moving Redeemer Church once again and we can’t wait to see why. Will you join us in prayer for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit on our church as we make what will be another temporary home at Sun Blaze Elementary? There will be more moves in the future as we follow God’s leading, but this move at this time presents a thrilling opportunity to trust God to bring the gospel to Lake Nona. We can’t wait to meet the new men, women and children that will join us there!

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