Reminders of the Gospel - TGCW14 Testimony


I went to the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference on the book of Nehemiah. That still makes me laugh. Who teaches Nehemiah at a women’s conference? And beyond that, no one taught a single leadership principle! Not one. Because that isn’t the heart of Nehemiah or the overall story of the Bible: the story is God, in love, redeeming His people.

So instead I heard that Jesus is the true Nehemiah who left his royal position, not just at risk of death, but with the certainty of it, to bring His people to their forever city.

I heard that God delights to list names- and not only the names of those who repaired walls or chose to live in Jerusalem. He lists the names of all that are in His book of life, and one day He will read them as they are welcomed into His forever city.

I learned that this good news is for those who are in their current “mess” because they sinned their way into it. God overlooked the sins of Israel then, but not forever. In his justice, He poured out His wrath for those sins. But in His love, He chose the most valuable being in the universe to pay for it- His son. Every moment of mercy in the Old Testament was bought by Jesus’ blood. And so every one of my sins has been paid for and now I, too, can receive mercy.

I heard that living in the singular fear of the Lord conquers all the other fears.

I heard that order and structure don’t have to be about order and structure for their own sake, but in joy, for the love of Him, we can continue to order ourselves according to His Word by the power of His Spirit.

And I was reminded that those of us who are His can look forward to a day when we will see Jesus and be like Him, and all our sin will burn away from us as we gaze on Him.

I so appreciate how the Gospel Coalition put the focus on God. The whole conference was infused with sweet truths about God’s faithfulness in the midst of our sin. I loved the theme of future hope forever in Jesus and current hope as the Spirit empowers us today. I left refreshed, encouraged, and steadied on the truths of the gospel. I’m so thankful for this weekend of full, rich teaching particularly for women.