Statement Regarding the Terror Attack at The Pulse



At 2am Sunday morning a man attacked The Pulse, a local club known as a gay friendly establishment, killing or injuring over 100 people made in God’s image in the most deadly shooting in American history. This wicked act of violence and murder is being mourned across the country and for our city it is particularly devastating.  Several members of our church had friends or co-workers that were at The Pulse during the attack.  Yesterday morning our neighbors were gunned down.

At times like these it is difficult to know how to respond. We may vacillate from fear to anger to overwhelming sadness, not knowing what, if anything, we should be feeling or doing.  As a church, we are called to weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15), so let us embrace that compassionate and holy calling.  Let's give blood, let's donate money, let's do any of the simple things that we are able to do to help.  But mostly, let's pray and let's mourn.  

For those tempted to think this was God’s judgment on a particular group of people based on sins they had committed, we must remember that Jesus specifically rebuked that kind of judgment (Luke 13:1-5). Why God spares some and not others is a perplexing mystery; today we weep for those not spared. We grieve with and for the hundreds of people who woke up Sunday not knowing they had lost a brother, sister, friend or loved one because an evil man chose to do evil.

As a church it is both our great calling and strong desire to be a place of hope. Things don’t feel particularly hopeful right now. Yet we serve a God who will make all things new again. So we weep, but not as those without hope. The darkness will give way to light.

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