The Coming Light










Constant friend, my soul’s own darkness, constant still, my soul’s repose
In the alley of soul’s shadow, lurks a monster of my own
Chained by sinful thoughts immoral, chained by sinful deeds done bold
Soul and spirit war between me, making war, my corpse gone cold

Can this darkness be unburdened, can this lie be e’er undone?
Riveted by memories shaken, to the walls of excess flung
Flee from this, my prison chamber, flee from hampered, silent cries!
Alas, I cannot flee this penal hollow! I cannot flee my own demise!

Darkness roils in tempest rising, darkness blots out light’s gold clasp
Feeble is my hearts own beating, silent is the grave’s chill grasp
Further in the squall is raging, bitter gloom and violent gusts
Hope’s now gone, I must unleash(!) my grieving soul’s unhampered lusts

Dawn is breaking tempest’s fuming, dawn is bringing mercy balm
Is this light for my soul’s shadow, bringing with it graceful calm?
What is this, in the distance, what is this new thing I see?
Blowing over meadows laughing, winds of change and symphony!

Chains fall broken, shattered remnants, chains of history's poisonous bane
Looking up I see a future, not a past of immoral gain
Redemption’s nigh, springing forth, redemption brings sweet refrain
Soul, come forth! Behold your Savior! Behold the Lamb hanging slain!

Freedom comes at such a cost, freedom bought, but not by me
What’s the cost but God’s Begotten, bought to pay God’s own fee
Do not tarry, soul and spirit! Do not tarry to sing in flight!
Darkness is wrought with holy terror, behold and see the coming light

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This is an example of God distributing gifts in unexpected ways. Aren't you the girl who hated getting Mom's poetry assignments in high school? This is powerful and I pray it encourages and brings hope to many.

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