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I don’t remember the first time we met him, but it was close to 10 years ago. Alex was just out of high school and wanted to be a professional musician. He was giving his life to this goal — and it resulted in him leaning away from the church in which his family had been involved for years. Honestly, his ambitions and spiritual drift caused Benny and me to discourage our teen sons from accepting invites to play music with him and his friends. His winsome personality and contagious smile made Alex easy to like. Yet we were concerned that the direction he was going wasn’t one we wanted our sons to follow.

Alex2Today he is a valued member of our new church. He serves in any and every way needed. The church has become the center of his life and the object of his sacrificial service. And his delightful wife, Nikki, is right there beside him.  In fact, we all think Nikki is the second best thing that’s ever happened to Alex.

We now treasure Alex's friendship with our sons and value his compelling example in their lives.

They are Redeemer Church. Alex's zeal for this new church Alex3motivated him to offer to serve Benny with some free time after his college graduation in December. He found our first meeting place, only to turn around and have to find another place a week later when we realized the first spot was too small. He and Nikki drove to North Carolina to pick up some donated chairs, then decided against getting needed rest because they wanted to make it back to Orlando to join everyone at our church picnic. He is there every Sunday morning early helping with set up…then stays late to get everything loaded in the truck to transport to the storage space he found for the church.
And the list goes on.

His pastor used to feel uneasy about our sons spending time with him. Now that same man respects and trusts Alex — and is indebted to him for helping get this new church off the ground.

Alex1You see, the first best thing that ever happened to Alex is Jesus. God has arrested his heart and changed his affections. The gospel has transformed him from a kid who rocked out in his dad’s garage to a man whose compelling example of godliness and servanthood is helping give birth to a new church.

This summer Alex and Nikki will be leaving for him to attend law school.  How humbling it is to know that a young man who was willing to leave the church to pursue his dreams is now feeling the weight of moving because it means leaving his church. Our little church is feeling that weight, too.

That’s the fruit of the gospel.

We’re praying for many more of them at Redeemer Church. If you’re looking for a place to use your gifts to serve others, I know Alex and Nikki would love to meet you!  Just look for the couple who is busy lugging sound equipment or children’s ministry toys. Or you can just wait for the worship to start and notice our excellent electric guitarist.

I’m sure he and Nikki would be happy to take a few minutes to meet you after the meeting before they get back to work.

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These two have changed our lives for the better! We love them and even though we have only been friends since the june, we feel like we have known them for at least 10yrs. Oh and our kids adore them! We will be shedding a few tears when they move! :(

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