When "Good Friday" Doesn't Seem Very Good



When you can’t see the good in Good Friday

..or even a glimmer of hope in the darkness.

When you can't imagine how these momentary afflictions are preparing you for a weight of eternal glory any more than you can imagine what you are making for dinner tonight.

When you don't want to read that one of the primary purposes of being shaken by suffering is to make our faith more unshakeable.

When you can't understand how this can work for your good.

When trials come wave after wave and you can't swim, you can barely breathe.
When you are tired of being still and waiting.
When you feel like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between anger, guilt, condemnation, self-pity, anger, self-pity.

When you are afraid that you won't hear His voice.

Be reminded: {and remind me}
God’s writing your story
and He never leaves you alone in your story,
and His perfect love absorbs all your fear
and His perfect grace carries all your burdens,
and your story is a happily ever after
because Christ bought your happily ever after

so you always know how this story ends:  You’re going to be okay.

"It's possible, in a time of hardship, for the refinement of grace to look like the enemy's triumph." And such was the case on Good Friday ~ hold tight to that day and the reality of the resurrection of Easter as a triumph ~ Christ's suffering, his death, and resurrection conquers all of our suffering ~ making ALL sad things untrue and this day proves that it will all be greater for having once been broken and lost.

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